The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) awards Gamned with Pernod Ricard for the Best Mobile Programmatic Campaign in EMEA

Gamned, the French leading independent trading desk and Pernod Ricard have been awarded by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) with the Smarties 2016 of the best mobile programmatic campaign for the operation I love my bar.

The MMA Smarties Awards are the world’s only global mobile marketing awards program honoring innovation, creativity, and success. Mobile is the most compelling, accurate, and inclusive marketing practice today. It is not really about mobile as a silo anymore – it is about using digital and physical data to reach your audiences wherever they are in today’s world, every Moment is Mobile. That is why this award is a market recognition for the expertise and innovation of Gamned and Pernod Ricard in the mobile programmatic field.

I love my bar campaign goal was to get votes for the favorite bar in Belgium. Gamned combined programmatic media buying with dynamic creative optimization in order to push the right message to the right audience according to the bar location, bar brand sponsor and the language of the browser. The main challenge was to deliver the message only on a specific perimeter around the 168 bars in the country. The targeted audience was young people (18-35 years) with interests in nightlife and entertainment. In order to reach the right target group, Gamned used premium 3rd party data in order to reach the audience based on their interests and geolocation habits. Gamned also created a dedicated white list of thematic web sites with strong affinity with the young adults audience. On top of it Gamned activated one part of the campaign based on the content of the visited web page. This concept of keywords targeting is similar with paid search campaign on search engine.

The main innovation was the real time customization of the message within banners based on the closest bar to user’s location. Gamned used its proprietary dynamic creative tool – Engaged!tm and algorithms to determine the closest point of interest thanks to GPS coordinates collected for each user. With the same layout 4 elements were dynamically adjusted: bar name, bar address, bar sponsor and bar logo. In total, more than 1,300 banner/message combinations were available and tested by Pernod Ricard.

It was a win-win partnership as, beyond delivering performances outstanding Pernod Ricard objectives thanks to real time optimization, we could AB test new levers into new markets and provide our client with highly granular data regarding its audience behaviour and the way it interacted with the brand.

With this Award and this operation with Pernod Ricard, Gamned gains an international recognition from the mobile marketing community. “Today all great marketing stories include a mobile marketing strategy” highlights Edgar Baudin, CEO of Gamned Group.


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