Privacy policy

This specific section is devoted to Gamned! policy on the protection of personal data and privacy. Protection of personal data and respect for privacy are priorities for Gamned! The company participates and supports initiatives in favor of transparency towards users, on collection and processing of personal data and concerning the use of cookies on Internet

IAB (Europe) et YOC (YourOnlineChoices)

Gamned! is an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), association of advertising producers on the web, and is a signatory to the European Charter on Online Behavioral Advertising, which lays down ethical principles for behavioral advertising.
As a signatory, Gamned! integrates the Adchoices Icon (« choose your advertising ») on all targeting advertisements it generates.
Gamned! follows recommandations of YourOnlineChoice plateform (YOC) which allows users to disable any cookies that Gamned! and other member companies have placed on their computer.

1. Data collection

Gamned! works on behalf of its advertising clients and thus operates as a subcontractor within the meaning of Law n°78-17- of January, 6th, 1978. The objective of Gamned! and its advertising clients is to present the most relevent messages to consumers. A personalized message is designed based on users’ browsing and preferences that are shared with the advertiser. To this end, cookie technology enables the real time determination of the right message to display.

Use of cookies
A cookie is a text file that can be saved in a terminal when consulting an online service with a browser. A cookie file allows the issuer – during the period of validity of the cookie – to recognize the terminal concerned whenever accessing digital content including cookies of the same issuer. Cookies are used to:

      • compile statistics on traffic volume and use of targeted contents, services or information browsed by the user;
      • count the total number of displayed advertisements and, if applicable, the subsequent actions taken by users on the pages carrying the ads to compile statistics;
      • adapt advertising space terminal display preferences (language, screen resolution, operating system, etc.), according to hardware and display or playback software it includes;
      • adapt advertising contents displayed on terminal, according to personal data provided by the user,
      • enable advertisers to collect more information about the performance of their advertising campaigns and improve over time.

When displaying advertising contents, information relating users browsing – regardless of the terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone) – are likely to be stored in the cookie files installed on the terminal, subject to user agreement.

Personal and contextual data
Personal data are information that help identify directly (name, first name) or indirectly (social security number, customer number, IP address) an individual. They can be either nominative, such as the CRM databasis of an advertiser, or non-nominative, when the piece of data is linked to a cookie or an IP address. Personal data used by data marketing are of three types : (1) contextual data, linked to user browsing, geolocalisation, and the context of the sites viewed; (2) data owned by the advertiser or « 1st party data » such as CRM databasis; (3) external data or « 3rd party data » provided by specialized third parties, providing data such as user socio-professional category, purchasing intentions or interests. As part of marketing campaigns conducted on behalf of its advertising clients, Gamned! is likely to combine data from different sources, while respecting its clients privacy policies.

Why displaying advertisements adapted to consumer browsing?
Consumers are more likely to show interest in advertising contents that are targeted for them according to their needs and preferences. As a matter of fact, our clients also want to advertise to audiences that are actually interested in what they have to offer.
Moreover, revenues from advertising enable users to enjoy free access to online contents and services.

2. Gamned! and users

When Gamned! collects data and/or display advertising campaigns, it acts only under the instructions of its advertising client. The latter is indeed responsible for data processing – within the meaning of the low 78-17 of January, 6th 1978 – as it is the one that determines purposes and means of the whole process. However, Gamned! agrees not to take any action which goes againsi the legislation on personal data treatment and, doing so, commits to what is mentionned hereinafter. Gamned! does not collect any information called « sensitive » (religion, political opinion, health, etc.) Gamned! does not create any segments to target specifically children under the age of 13. Gamned! only collects through cookies anonymous data that record: (1) browsing events on client’s websites and partners; (2) events linked to Gamned! advertisements display.
Gamned! never crosses its clients customer information. Gamned! does not collect or use external data (« 3rd party data ») unless you have authorized a specific third party provider to transmit your data.

3. Enabling or rejecting cookies

Several possibilities are offered to users to manage cookies. Any settings they choose will be likely to change their internet browsing and terms of access to services requiring the use of cookies. Users can choose at any time to amend their preferences regarding cookies, by the means described below:
Choices offered by browsers
It is possible to configure one’s browser so that cookies are enabled in the terminal or, on the contrary, are disabled, either systematically or by the issuer. Users can also configure their browser so that enabling or disabling cookies is occasionally suggested, before a cookie is likely to be stored in their terminal.
(a) Enabling cookies in one’s terminal is essentially subordinated to the will of its user, who can, at any time and for free, amend its preferences regarding the use of cookies in the setting options of its browser. If one enables cookies on his terminal, cookies embedded in the pages and contents viewed may be temporarily stored in a dedicated area of the terminal. They will be readable by the issuer only.
(b) Disabling cookies If the user disables and clear cookies in the terminal, he will not benefit anymore from a number of features which are nevertheless necessary to online browsing. If all cookies are cleared by the user, its preferences regarding cookies will not be saved anymore.

Opting Out of personalized ads 
The users who does not want Gamned! to store his cookies on his terminal for the advertising purposes is invited to click on the following link to enable or disable Gamned! cookies  :
YourOnlineChoices is an European platform shared by hundreds of professionals in the internet advertising, it provides a centralized interface allowing users to express their refusal or acceptance of cookies.
Note that this procedure does not prevent the display of advertisements on the websites they visit. It will block only the technologies to tailor advertisements to their interests.

4. Safety and data retention

Gamned! is committed to make users data privacy its priority. Gamned! implements safety measures by keeping up with industry standards which include the use of encryption.

5. Your rights

In the case of the process of your personal data by Gamned! on behalf of an advertiser, you will always be informed on your rights in this regard.
For all practical purposes, Gamned! reminds you that at any time, you can access your personal data and update it by contacting the controller. In accordance with Law n°78-17 of January, 6th 1978, on information technology, files and freedom, you have a right to access, amend and delete data. To exercise any of your rights, you can email us at (stating your name and address) so that Gamned! transfers your request to the right data controller.

6. Contact

For any questions regarding our policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at :

7. Amendments on privacy policy

Gamned! may have to update or amend this section frequently. In case of amendments, changes will be posted to this page and the appropriate places.

Last update : May 2017.