Gamned! helps publishers to monetize their audience with a brand new offer: Audience Extension Powered By Gamned!

At a time when media programmatic represents 2/3 of publisher’s display revenues, Gamned! Put its trading expertize at the service of publishers to help them understand advertisers’ needs. Audience Extension Powered By Gamned! is a full service offer designed to drive publishers’ business growth by monetizing their precious data.

Currently, publishers’ revenues remain restricted to special operations and brand content, which only allows them to address internet users in a limited way. This approach only meets partially advertiser’s needs who would rather set up more impactful strategies to generate interest and intentions.

In order to help publishers take a bigger part in advertisers’ strategies Gamned! developed “Audience Extension Powered by Gamned!”. Thanks to this “plug and play” solution publishers will be able to value their audience and not only their ads inventory.

“Audience Extension Powered By Gamned!” allows publishers to monetize their valuable audience by allowing advertisers to retarget it on other websites all along their navigation. When diversifying the message and setting up different scenarios, publishers can now answer every advertisers needs from branding to performance and drive to store.

“Using our technological tools, we have created a plug and play solution – from set up to reporting – to make publisher’s life easier and allow them to generate complementary revenues using their audience. Expected results should reach about 30% growth. » highlights Anthony Spinasse, Gamned’s COO! « We also offer publishers a dedicated training related to our savoir-faire so that they can make wise and informed decisions when it comes to monetizing their audience data »

A promising approach since in 2017, 75% of American publishers used their own audience extension offers and half of the brands allocated up to 25% of their advertising investment in media buying through audience extension.

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