Gamned! graff its new visual identity

Carried by a double-digit growth rate since taking back its independence in 2015, Gamned!, programmatic trading desk, launches its brand new visual identity – strong, transgressive and inspired by “street art” – to consolidate its position as a major player in the programmatic market and reinforce the values which have shaped its reputation.


Gamned! presents a new visual identity that includes the redesigning of its logo and a new website. In line with their strategic positioning, the graphic chart responds to several fundamentals, also shared by street art amateurs and professionals: performance, creation, innovation, human and a hint of provocation.

Now that we are independent again, changing our visual identity was necessary for Gamned!. We have chosen a new urban, disruptive and dynamic identity that responds to the company’s DNA, an alchemy between human and technology, like graffiti artists with their bombs. “explains Anthony Spinasse, COO of Gamned!.

Indeed, in a very technology-driven industry, this visual identity and in particular the new website gives a more human feel to programmatic by highlighting the importance of Gamned’s experts.


The brand’s new identity (logo, website…) has been entrusted to the French “street artist” JayOne aka Black Picasso. This emblematic figure of urban culture, more accustomed to expressing its talent on great walls and public spaces has agreed to accompany Gamned! in the redesigning of his visual identity. The website has been remodelled and the logo updated in a bolder red. Creativity, impertinence, spontaneity, human etc…, Gamned! and urban art have a lot in common.

This new identity will be progressively applied to Gamned’s external and internal communication tools!

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